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Pope Of Slope


THE USGA Course Rating System is the foundation upon which handicapping is based. More and more, it seems national golf associations from around the world are learning and applying the system.

The latest interest comes from the Far East, where 10 representatives of national golf federations, all members of the Asian-Pacific Golf Confederation, recently participated in a three-day seminar on Course Rating and the USGA Handicap System.

As Dean Knuth, the USGA's senior director, handicapping and GHIN explains, "Everyone was very enthusiastic. They not only learned how to use the USGA�s Course Rating System, but I expect al of them to become USGA-liscensed and to adopt it."

The fundamental elements of golf are the same the world over, but everyone has regional distinctions, and Asians are no different. They don't have sandbaggers there; they're called crocodiles. Sounds appropriate.

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